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Joanne Lim
Founder & Chief Image Coach

Carol Gockel
Image Coach

I have been training colour and style consultants for over 25 years and Joanne proved herself to be one of the finest. She has a keen eye for colour, a skill in wardrobing and dressing, and a heart for supporting her clients in personal growth and presentation.
- Carla Mathis, international pioneer image consultant.

Joanne Lim is a certified image and etiquette consultant, trained and certified by image pioneer Carla Mathis and The Emily Post Institute (USA).

Joanne was trained and mentored by Carla Mathis, one of the image industry's pioneers for colour and style and a direct disciple of Suzanne Caygill, who founded the colour analysis concept, back in 1942.

Her etiquette certification is from The Emily Post Institute (USA) where she is one of their first graduates in Asia.

Joanne value-adds to her clients with her background as a public relations (PR) consultant and her strong business knowledge, having 19 years of international working experience in world-renowned corporations.

As an Opinion Leader in Colour and Style, Etiquette and Brand Communications - Joanne has been quoted in numerous business, fashion and lifestyle publications such as The Business Times,
The Edge, The Straits Times, Today, Female Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, among many others. She was the official style columnist of Men’s Health magazine, where she had her very own monthly style column called “Ask the Style Expert by Joanne Lim” for two years.

Joanne owns a boutique public relations consultancy specialising in consumer lifestyle PR and has previously worked on PR campaigns for top international brands such as the Estee Lauder group as well as restaurant chain, Morton's of Chicago.

Her international corporate experience include working for Hewlett-Packard's Asia-Pacific operations in Singapore; and Hotel Plaza Athenée in Bangkok, Thailand.

Carol Gockel is a Certified Image Consultant and Trainer. She received her certification from Style Coaching Institute in London. Carol had previously practiced in London, United Kingdom; and Cologne, Germany.

Carol has over 15 years of experience in the field of beauty and allure. She has trained numerous corporations, individuals and models in deportment, skincare, and makeup. Coupled with 10 years of working experience in the Interior Construction industry, it enabled her to offer head-to-toe, inside-out personal transformation, and into the living spaces of her clients.

Plagued by severe acne that left deep scars both physically and emotionally during her adolescent years, it spurred her to attain in-depth proficiency in skincare, makeup and personal enlightenment throughout the years. The knowledge garnered since then has become a reservoir of information she shares with her clients today.