Joanne Lim with Lulu

The History & Legacy of Colour Analysis

In 1942, Suzanne Caygill founded the concept of colour analysis for individuals.

Carla Mathis later began to study with Suzanne Caygill and worked closely with her. As a direct disciple of Suzanne Caygill, the colour analysis skills and methods were passed on to Carla.

This legacy lives on now, with Joanne Lim, who has trained and mentored with Carla Mathis.

Our Image Coaching Techniques

All our image coaching sessions - individual or group - are customised to the individual. All clients receive personal analysis and attention.

Image Success’ 3-step image coaching process:

  1. Discover: Extract your uniqueness through an analysis of the colour of your skintone, eye and hair colours, body shape, personality, the way you walk and how your voice resonates

  2. Define: Customise dressing strategies of colour and style just for you

  3. Differentiate: Uncover your innate sense of style and show you how you can develop it further to express your powerful personal image

The image is most powerful when it is authentic – when your choice of colours and styles truly reflects the person that you are.

Joanne Lim with famous British handbag designer, Lulu Guinness, whose fans include celebrities Madonna and Jerry Hall