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  • PERSONAL Image Coaching (Women)
  • PERSONAL Image Coaching (Men)
  • CORPORATE Image Training


Image Success Pte Ltd offers image coaching for individuals and corporations. Click on the tabs on the right to read more information on our services, offered to both men and women.

These Personal Image Coaching sessions are personalised and customised to the individual.

You will discover your best colours and styles, understand why certain colours and styles look great on you while others don't;

Wear colours and styles that express your personality and that are consistent with your walk, your voice resonance and how you come across to others.

Learn how to repeat your colour and style success everyday, for every occasion!

Future shopping trips will be easy, exciting and rewarding.

No more destroying your chances for success with a bad image - wearing drab colours and unflattering styles, no more wasted money on unworn clothes still with their price tags on!

COURSE OUTLINES (Scroll down for more)


Show Your True Colours (Colour Workshop)

  • The Colour Wheel
  • Personal Colour Analysis
  • Your Unique Natural Colour Pattern & Intensity
  • Colours For Your Personality & Life Goals
  • Colour Tones in line with the way you walk, your voice resonance
  • Change the Look & Effect of Colours
    1. To Express Leadership & Credibility
    2. For Different Occasions
    3. To Reflect Your Mood & Energy Levels
    4. With the Use of Fabrics

Includes Your Personal Colour Profile
- A Colour Swatch Booklet (36 best colours for clothes and make-up based on your skintone, hair and eyecolours, in line with your personality, career and life goals; in an easy-to-carry leather booklet)

The Dapper Male (Body Style & Style Development Workshop for Men)

  • Personal Body Type Analysis
  • Best Fabrics for Your Body Type
  • Personal Body Silhouette Analysis
  • Personal Body Features Analysis
  • Identify Your Assets and Flaws
  • Highlight Your Assets and Camouflage Your Flaws
  • Personal Body Length Proportion Analysis
  • Your Ideal Collar Type
  • Your Ideal Necklines for Shirts and Jackets
  • Coordination of Jacket, Shirt, Tie Colours and Fabrics, Prints and Textures

  • - According to Scale and Proportion of Your Facial and Body Features
  • Your Ideal Pants Style and; Length
  • Discover Your Style Personality
  • Clothes & Accessories for Your Style Personality
  • Strategies to Develop Your Personal Style
  • Alteration & Fit Techniques

Includes Your Personal Style Profile and Workbook

For fee information, call us at 6766 2196 or simply fill up the enquiry form at our 'Contact' page, kindly include your email and contact number.


Dress for Success, everyday!

Every 1-to-1 Personal Image Coaching programme is custom-
designed to your exact needs and aspirations.
No two custom-designed programmes are alike.

For the leaders of today and tomorrow - middle to high level management, directors, business owners.

  • Dress impeccably for all your business and social meetings.
  • Attract new business partners, alliances and clients at business meetings, presentations and keynote speeches;
  • Be TV and photo-ready for your media appearances on TV, print media, at press conferences, IPOs;


    Phase 1: DISCOVER - Image Profiling

    We find out about you - what your image is now, your career, your lifestyle - we help you define your image objectives.

    1. Personality & Life Goals Assessment
    2. Wardrobe Review

    Phase 2: DEFINE - Image Design

    Define your ideal image; your individual uniqueness through new insights about colours and styles that flatter you, and that are in line with your personality and your ideal image.

    1. Personal Colour Analysis
    2. Colour Tones based on your walk, your voice resonance
    3. Body Line & Feature Analysis

    Phase 3: DIFFERENTIATE - Image Strategy

    Differentiate yourself by developing your personal sense of style and learning to express your powerful personal image.

    Visual Communication Strategies for different occasions, establishing rapport, expressing leadership, expressing moods and energy levels.

    3. Accompanied Shopping Trip/Trip to the Tailors
    4. Accompanied Trip to Hair Salon
    5. Hands-on Make-Up Tutorial for Women

    For more information, please call us at 6766 2196
    As the nature of the programme is that it is custom-designed, we would first need to talk to you about your image needs, and thereafter follow-up with programme and fee details.