Joanne Lim with Carla Mathis

Why Image Success?

Established in 2005, Image Success Pte Ltd is the first image consultancy in Asia to train corporations and individuals to gain their competitive advantage using image strategies combined with branding and public relations techniques - to project their unique powerful image.

Our proprietary 3-step process of Discover-Define-Differentiate is founded on branding and public relations principles.
The result is that a person's image becomes the unique brand positioning of both the person and the corporate brand they represent, winning the hearts and minds of their target market, to be noticed and remembered, blocking out their competitors.

Image Success worked on the complete image management for luxury hotel The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, appointed as their official image consultancy, training all levels of staff for an entire year.
Other clients include international companies such as Robert Walters, SOXAL; Singapore publicly-listed companies Sim Lian Land, Times Printers; and government-linked organisations such as National Healthcare Group Polyclinics and Temasek Holdings, among many others.

According to Harvard University research, it takes only 2 seconds to make an impression.

In today's globalised world, competition is intense with a highly educated workforce. Decisions are being made in split seconds such that the image that you project counts more than ever before. You have to instantly create rapport and project credibility in the way you look and behave.

Our proprietary image coaching process is based on revolutionary colour, style and etiquette methodology built on the premise that every company and every individual is different. We coach them to discover insights into their corporate brand and their individual personality and skills, to be consistent and authentic with how each person looks and acts – with the aim of achieving success for the corporation they represent, as well as in their individual career and personal life.

Joanne Lim with Carla Mathis